Contract Manufacturing

Who do you manufacture products for?

Currently, Eng Bee manufactures food ingredients used by a variety of prestige brand food companies, hawkers, smaller eateries and to safeguard the interest of our clients, we do not disclose the specific names.

What is your Minimum Order quantity for contract manufacturing?

While there is a minimum order, any unique packaging or customised raw materials would require a larger quantity. It is best to email us for more information.

Can your Research and Development Laboratory make a product that I propose?

For most cases, we can and do take note that the amount of research and development required for each product is different. Please email us for more information.

How quickly can you turn around an overseas order?

For first-time orders, it will take around 8-10 weeks upon the confirmation of purchase order and receipt of payment arrangement. If it is customised, all raw materials or unique packaging must have reached our factory.

Subsequent orders will be 6-8 weeks and our standard lead-time frame is subject to supplier delays or other events which is beyond our control.

Can you help me get my product exported?

Yes, we have experience working with regulatory bodies worldwide. In addition, we can help coordinate the necessary documents such as Certificates of Free Sale for the products you want to export.

Can I provide my own decorated packaging?

Yes. However we require a sample of the packaging prior to filling, to check for compatibility with product and to ascertain compatibility with our production equipment. It is client’s responsibility to ensure own decorated packaging comply with local labelling requirements.