During 1920s, Eng Bee Foodstuffs Mfg Pte Ltd (Eng Bee) is the first rice vermicelli (locally known as bee hoon) factory set up along Jalan Tigga Ratus in Changi. Passionate about mainland China’s rice vermicelli, where the founder Mr Teo Sun Mao was originally from, he began producing it at his new home country, Singapore.

All bee hoon was painstakingly handmade by Mr Teo and his family including his daughter-in-law, Mdm Ng Ah Mng aged 93 this year. Given the convenience and comfort of the modern world, the physical hardship endured was unimaginable and beyond description. In a nutshell, every stage of the production, from grinding rice on a stone mill and steaming vermicelli, to taking it out to dry in the sun, were done manually by every family staff member. Any careless negligence would affect the finished product and lead to disposal where all previous efforts put in were gone.

Incorporated in 1984, with industrialisation and automation, Eng Bee has became a trusted name in the wholesale food industry. Around 100 years since set up, Eng Bee continue to maintain this same industrious and committed attitude; Our mission is to keep manufacturing quality Singaporean food products with pride and passion and the vision is to keep doing so for generation and generation.

Currently, Eng Bee is headed by the 3rd generation, a 3-brother team, Mr Teo Tai San, Mr Tu Leong Beng and Mr Teo Leong Wah.